Wasper Ecommerce

Wasper is a traditional hardware store, with three branches in Lombardy, who wants to bring the quality of its products and the convenience of its prices in the rest of the country with an online store. The client has been successful with other ventures, but this is his first time building an ecommerce: I will offer guidance on the web-based marketing strategy.

The main steps was:

  1. Explainin to the client, and partners involved, the design process;
  2. Taking the client through the research phase to define the expected users, features, and product goals using personas;
  3. Creating a map of the entire website to show how the pages are accessed and connected;
  4. Creating wireframes to show content, product details, and purchase process;
  5. Define design features with mock-ups;
  6. Development;
  7. Delivery.

The research phase was composed by: stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, personas, weighing and prioritizing features.
The information architecture phase was composed by: task flow definition, diagrams, site mapping and wireframing.
The visual design phase was composed by: color scheme definition, pattern definition and mock-ups.

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  • Date: 01/31/2013
  • Categories: UI Design, UX Design
  • Client: Wasper