UX Reality Check

Posted on 18/05/2016 Under UX Design

Here are 14 things you should know about the people who use your websites and applications.

1. They’re Smarter Than You Think
They just don’t care about learning your system, they are not in the tech industry like you.

2. They Have Other Things To Do
The goal of most users is to get off a website, not staying in!

3. They Have a “Doing Mode”
They are in mission to complete a task.

4. They “Satisfice”
(Satisfy + Sacrifice)

5. They Don’t Use Your Software The Way You Intended
Think about twitter: the @ and the # symbol.

6. They Rely On Patterns
Patterns help people…

7. A Million Things Are Competing For Their Attention
Choose ONE STEP AT A TIME process in a task flow.

8. They See What’s There
Users see what’s actually there. Not what you think is there.

9. They Lie
People seem to know themselves pretty well when being asked hypothetical questions… Kahnemann!

10. They Don’t Know What’s Possible
Read between the lines. See what’s really causing their issue.

11. If You Improve Their Lives, They’ll Love You
Most people want to be shown how the new way is better. If you solve a real problem, and you can demonstrate how to do it, your users will love you.

12. They Come With Questions
You just have to consider what question they might ask.

13. They Blame Themselves for Mistakes When It’s Your Fault
Listen to complaints.

14. Their User “Experience” Is Based On Far More Than Your Website

Fonte: www.fastcodesign.com